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Cover up.

For some reason my kiddos like to cover their faces when they sleep. They both really LOVE their plush, soft blankets and always rub their faces into them when they are tired. I think it’s pretty cute.


My brother, James, is a wicked fast runner, so naturally he was on the track team. We liked to show support and attend his meets when our schedules would allow. This was back in April so still a bit chilly, hence the red noses.

Happy Day.

Today, was Mr. Liam’s FIRST birthday. Today, I was running around getting balloons, making cupcakes, cleaning house. Today, Brett came home early to help. Today, was CRAZY only because I make it so in my head, just ask Brett. Today, we had family over and had such a fun, fun time. Today, I feel blessed. Today, was a very happy birthday indeed. 😉

As you can see today was super busy, hence my post at 10:35 pm.