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Liam| June 2013

Canon AE-1 35mm
Portra 800

Liam enjoying the freshly cut lawn.

Camping Trip | Mirror Lake

Canon AE-1 35 mm

Family camping trip in July 2013. Sometimes Oliver does not want a single photo taken of him. In fact he runs or puts his hand up to block my lens. Such a diva. At least I got some of Liam and the cousins. It was a fun time up in Mirror Lake and so beautiful.

Silver Lake

We enjoyed the first day of Autumn up at Fish Lake. Mother Nature was kind enough to provide us some perfect sweater weather. Oliver and Liam absolutely love heading into the mountains, they are definitely kids after my own heart. We had fun running down the paths, looking for fish, chasing squirrels and Liam enjoyed taking photos of the little critters with the “kama” (camera). Happy Autumn!SQUIRREL!!!snack time! I’ll have three chocolate chips please.My favorite photo of Oliver and Liam.I caught Oliver mid-roll as he was rolling down the hilly wooden path.We tried this shot 15 times, and they all came out like this.Cheese!