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Our Humble Abode: Christmas Style.

Because I love Christmas so much I do not want it to come this weekend.

That means I am going to have to take down the tree and decor, and all the cheerful Christmas music is going to be no more. It feels like this Christmas season has come and gone in a blink of an eye. Hopefully these pictures will help tie me over till next Christmas.
One of my favorite things to do every Christmas was to have all the lights off in the room except for the Christmas tree. My mom had the prettiest decorations and it felt so cozy. I can fondly remember doing that year after year, popping in White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, and Elf over and over and over. Brett has brought it to my attention that if I could I probably would’ve stayed a child forever because I tell him all the wonderful memories I have of it. But now I’m happy to create those for my kids. And though the decorations are so nice to look at, I have realized what made me feel so happy and cozy was the spirit that was in our home. So I hope our kids can feel that Christmas spirit in our home.

I thought it was going to be much more of a challenge to have a kid friendly yet cute tree. But I found some great ornaments  that made it work. Oliver’s favorite are the silver bells I got from the Christmas store at Gardner Village. Whenever he walks by the tree he shakes the bells.

This wreath is real and smells so good. We got it at the same place as the tree.
Putting our decorative birdcage to good use as our Christmas Card holder. It’s getting pretty full now.
I love snowmen!!! This is Oliver’s own ornament. Liam’s says 2010 since that was the year he was born.

Oh my I’m in love with sparkly things! These giant sparkly leaves are amazing and the ornament on the right is so fun and unique, thanks to my momma for getting it for me.

All kid friendly and cute!

LOOOVE my acorn ornaments thanks to Martha Stewart. And the Snowman family ornament is from my mom from the first Christmas we had with Oliver.

These red pillow ornaments are Oliver’s favorite. My mom bought me these. ;D

Oliver likes to hold the birds.

My one set of red glass ornaments, hung up high ๐Ÿ™‚

The snowflake ornament I got at the Christmas Expo. It’s made from salt from the Great Salt Lake.

My sweet boys
Oliver waits to tear apart the room AFTER I have taken all the pics. Such a good boy.

Oliver was being so quiet (he was tired) and later he came & sat in my lap and fell asleep.

Oliver woke up but still just wanted to lay down on daddy’s lap.

Love sparkly lights

The Dickens Festival.

This year they brought back the Dickens Festival and we were so excited! I remember going when we were little and it was so fun. All the workers dress up all olden day like and they have tons of booths and they have the REAL Santa! My mom has this photo of Morgan and I when we were just little things with Santa Claus and I love it, they don’t have the cheesy background or Santa on his cell phone like I have seen at the Gateway. So I was super excited when I heard on the television that it was back this year. Now we could get a cute photo with Santa Claus and have another family tradition! Our family made a night of it and it was wonderful! It was a perfect night to try out our new Moby Wrap.. one less stroller for us to push around!

This was before we went out that night. I left my apple on the table to take care of Liam and next thing I know Oliver had climbed up on the chair and grabbed my apple and starting eating it. I had to document this because he never eats apples especially just by biting into it.


Yep we ate Turkey legs and they were GOOD!

Liam asleep in his Moby wrap.

The photo my mom has of Morg and I is in Sepia and it looks awesome! I thought I would take a whirl at it and try it to ours.

More Snow PLEASE.

Starting Thanksgiving day it should just snow like crazy. I love the feeling of living in a giant snow globe. Everyday being a winter wonderland would be amazing. I love looking in it, playing in it, eating it, and driving in it. When it snows I like to go for drives with the kids and turn on the Christmas music, it’s a simple pleasure in life.  And I believe Oliver loves the snow just as much. This was Oliver’s first adventure out into the snow. He probably would’ve stayed outside all day if he could. He wasn’t a fan of all the layers he had to put on to prepare to go outside, but once he got outside he was so happy.

He just stared outside…

but once he got all his gear on, he just wanted to sit.

and sit

and sit LOL. He found it difficult to move in his attire.
I think this photo of him is adorable.

Brett helped shovel some ppl’s driveways. So sweet.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

I was so looking forward to Thanksgiving time, not only because of the yummy food and family time, but also because that was when we were getting our Christmas tree and putting it up. Yay! We decided to get a real one and though it is a lot more work than a fake one, I do love the smell it gives off. I remember when I was little and going to get a tree was like the funnest thing, so I like to give these memories to my kids, even if they are just babies. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oli wanted to bring his Cars DVD case. Funny fellow.

Liam didn’t have much input. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love seeing trees tied on top of cars.

His poor little hands got so cold. But he sure enjoyed it.

We got home just in time for the BYU vs. Utah game. So made 7 layer bean dip thanks to Morgan’s recipe.

My girls and shopping.

My mom, sisters and I are shopping fools!

Pretty much the last three Saturday’s of November we went out shopping. We hit up the Outlets up in Park City, then we went to Gardner Village for their Moonlight Madness (it was A-MAZ-ING), and then we went to a HUGE Christmas expo. We didn’t wake up early for Black Friday but we did go out later that day and I got some good stuff at Target and Toys’R’Us. After shopping on Black Friday I met up with my wonderful friends at Starbucks and had some delicious hot cocoa! I need to add a special thanks to Brett, who didn’t complain about all the babysitting on the weekends. Brett was so willing to watch the boys for me so I could go. He really wanted me to have some time for Me! Such a sweetie.

Loooooved all the snow at Gardner Village. We stayed out till 12am here shopping.

My shopping gang! Morg made me realize that night that shopping makes me very anxious. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So here I’m drinking the imaginary hot cocoa and Lauren (thinking I’m stupid) is snatching a marshmallow.
Their decor at the Village was awesome!

The end of Black Friday shopping in my Mom’s Denali.

We date all the way back to elementary days.