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Nursery ideas : Closet

I’m working on getting the Nursery put together so I have been looking around for inspiration for the finishing touches. I came upon these images from Project Nursery and loved how pretty the closets were. Right now the closet in the Nursery is a horrible mess, but I’m hoping to get it to look awesome.

Though I will def not deal with wall paper in the closet I thought it looked so cute for one that is always exposed.

I am such a basket-aholic. The photos below will be more like something I am looking to do in the nursery. You can never have enough baskets. That’s my motto, well one of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

*photos courtesy of Project Nursery

what’s new.

Brett and I have started a new blog! This one will remain public since it won’t have much personal content. I’m really excited to have this new little project for Brett and I to share together. It will be somewhat our creative outlet, we will share things we are working on, and things we find inspirational and want to refer back to. This has been in the works since December and I have been trying to get it to look how I wanted and failing. So I recruited my computer savvy husband, Brett! He did a great job getting it to look exactly how I envisioned it and it took him like 20 minutes.  Should have asked him weeks ago.
You can check it out HERE!

Today is my birthday.

And I am so excited.

I didn’t really ask for anything this year because for the first time ever I kind of forgot about it with all the Christmas excitement that’s been going on. Honestly, I’m just excited to have a day devoted to me!!! Bratty.. maybe, but true.. yes! Today 23 years ago, I graced the lives of my family, and they are so glad I did. I was my mom’s late Christmas present ๐Ÿ˜‰

  •  I sit at the dinner table, crossing my legs Indian style.
  •  I do not take baths, ever. But I do shower.
  •  I watch Elf year-round.
  •  I really enjoy giving gifts. 
  •  My favorite colors to wear are gray and white.
  •  I like to sleep on the side of the bed furthest from the door.
  •  Growing up I wanted to be a painter like Bob Ross.
  •  I buy workout vidoes and never use them.
  •  I like to watch infomercials.
  •  I love cereal. Currently I have 12 boxes.
  •  I own two pairs of high heels. The ones i bought for our engagement photos & the ones I bought for our wedding.
  •  I can’t have enough photos, baskets, quilts, or sweaters. I get it from my mom.
  •  I love lamp… ๐Ÿ˜‰ but really I do. I always have them on even if I’m not in the room.
  •  I enjoy anything sparkly, with sequins, and shiny.

You’re a mean one… Mr. Grinch

One night we went up to my mom’s and made some AMAZING gingerbread houses! I love decorating gingerbread houses so much. I kind of take over the whole project and give Brett specific directions on what to decorate and how! A little bossy I know, but it turned out perfect. I’m not going to lie I was pretty proud of mine. I left it at my mom’s so it could dry but was excited to bring it home the next day so I could take fancy, pretty pictures of it. BUT, Oliver got to it before I could.

So I got pretty pictures of him destroying my gingerbread house.


Christmas Goodies.

We wanted to make some goodies to give out to our neighbors but since I’m not the best baker I opted for something more simple. Oreos dipped in chocolate. MMMMmmm. I actually got the idea from one night at my mom’s house, they had bought DELICIOUS cookies from Zupas, and some of then were chocolate covered oreos with candy cane sprinkled on top. They were mmmmm, so good. But also a little pricey and since there were several on our list, of course I decided to make them myself. Then I saw the pretzels my mom gave me and decided to dip those in as well. I was a chocolate dipping fool.

I am all about the magic in the presentation so I wanted our Christmas goodies to be presented in a fun way. I grabbed a Mason jar, some ribbon and trimmed our Christmas tree a bit. And here you have it. We will be delivering the last batch tomorrow morning.

Ready to deliver along with our Christmas cards.