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An Apple a day…

The other day Brett started eating an apple while playing with Oliver. Oliver decided he wanted to try it so Brett gave him a bite and then Oliver wanted the WHOLE thing! He ate almost half of it by himself! This was so out of the ordinary since Oliver only likes to eat about three things on a good day! We also have found he likes mandarine oranges.

2 in 1

As I mentioned before I was wanting to put up a map and chalkboard in the boys rooms. When I went to Downeast Outlet the other day I spotted this beauty on their wall. I was so stoked! It was a chalkboard in teh shape of the the United States! SCORE!

I love that it comes off easily so you can reapply it and move it all you want! It came with some other stickers but we just used some of the airplane ones. Oliver loves it.

Brett’s cartoon face and Oliver’s grass?

It’s all about having fun.

We are just loving the warmer weather, especially Oliver. Brett and I have started running so we take the boys out in out jogging stroller and get our exercise on! Brett is training to do another marathon or two. And I have teamed up with my friend Danielle to do a 5k, then 10k, and then half marathon.

After our run the other day, Oliver still wanted to play outside so Brett went out back with him. I was tidying up and getting dinner started when I looked out to check on them. They were just laying on the blanket, Oliver would climb on Brett and smile. Usually Oliver is constantly on the go so it was so nice to see him just relaxing with his daddy. Then they started pulling up the grass, making a pile and then blowing it off the blanket.

I love this. It looks as though they are having a fun father and son chit chat.

Oliver loves technology. He is always wanting our phones or the computer. He recently learned how to play a memory game on Brett’s iPhone.

a baby, a hat, and a moby wrap

I’ve been trying to clean out our external hard drive since I pack it with so many photos. I found some of Liam that we took a while ago. We found Oliver’s newsboy hat that he never wore because he didn’t like it. Liam seems to LOVE it!

And then I found some of Brett modeling the Moby Wrap we got and loved, especially since in the beginning Liam always wanted to be held.

I love his fist in this as if he’s cheering!