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Becoming a Pro.

— Liam is getting better and better with using his utensils. He has now started to refuse to eat his food unless he has a fork\spoon in hand. Ozzie makes sure to stay nearby to take care of any prospects that hit the ground. What a great dog. Liam’s favorite thing to eat is chili […]

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stuff is starting to pile up on my to do list. literally. but how can it not? with beautiful weather, two kids to enjoy, and a life to live. i’ll eventually get caught up, stay caught up, get distracted, and start this cycle again. but i know liam is a happy camper while i put […]

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get going.

yesterday we did nothing. nothing at all. the boys were both sick and so we spent a lot of time being couch potatoes. towards the evening they were showing signs of cabin fever. not fun. so this morning they watched their cartoon, i scratched liam’s back with my hair brush and we got ready to […]

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little helpers.

as you can see, liam still has some scars from his hand, foot and mouth disease. poor guy. — little ones can be perfect little helpers, or distractions. every time i go to put the dishes away liam has to come help. and oliver is now picking up his spills with whatever he can find; […]

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made with love..

brett always says he wishes he could be there to pick up oliver from preschool. so we made him this. — i made with just my iphone and quickly looked up how to use imovie while liam took his nap. it’s a bit bumpy, recording while you are also holding a baby and helping your […]

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