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Kelly Moore Bag

For my birthday coming up in December 😉 I’ve been dying to get a new, fashionable, and functional camera bag.  Lugging around the one I have is just ridiculous, it is way to heavy and big for what I need. One bag that I have had my eye on for a while is the Kelly […]

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We HEART fun.

Autumn is my favorite season out of the whole year. I love the chilly weather, sweaters,  colorful leaves, everything. During the summer it is too hot to go outside and do anything, especially run around the park with Ollie. But now we go to the park a lot. And Ollie loves it. His favorite things […]

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Bedtime Lullaby

Brett usually is the one that puts Oliver to bed, but when I would or when Oliver wakes up from a nightmare, screaming at the top of his lungs.. my trick has been to sing to him. I have found his favorite is Silent Night. I love it. I feel motherly. I love being a […]

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We are now a legit family. Having two kids makes us no longer a starter family. We’re a family of four! We now say ‘the kids’ as opposed to just ‘Oliver’. We have a DOUBLE jogging stroller. We have two car-seats and now feel like we need a larger vehicle, AGAIN. I just received TWO, […]

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Oliver is such a big boy these days. He doesn’t let us feed him his yogurt, he likes to use his big boy spoon. the ice cream cake we got to celebrate the first day of Autumn.  The week before Liam arrived I did a HUGE grocery shopping trip, knowing I wouldn’t be going again […]

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