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Yearly Archives: 2012

made with love..

brett always says he wishes he could be there to pick up oliver from preschool. so we made him this. — i made with just my iphone and quickly looked up how to use imovie while liam took his nap. it’s a bit bumpy, recording while you are also holding a baby and helping your […]

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Happy Birthday little one.

my little one is three today! and while it is a very happy occasion, it reminds me how time is flying by. and before i know it he will be starting kindergarten! oh how i wish he could stay my little one forever. where does the time go? right now oliver loves: running, blowing bubbles, […]

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Our Artist

Oliver has developed a new form of art, Orange Peelism. His unique mind has allowed him to think outside the box and create something that I find fascinating. I love to see the little things he does. No matter what, he will always be brilliant to me. Enjoy some of his latest pieces. That’s our […]

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my birthday celebration.

my birthday just keeps the festivities going, being two days after christmas! i enjoyed everything about it down to my requested ‘twix & milky way’ cake that my mom made. so good. i got to sleep in, enjoy some beautiful flowers, homemade food, new threads, and some quality family time. nothing can quite beat that. […]

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