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Yearly Archives: 2012

Out To Eat – Sea Salt

The other evening, my friend Brooke and I ventured over to Sea Salt for some delicious food. Where ever there is patio seating under the stars, we are there. It was quite the fun night followed by some ice cream of course.

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Something Sweet.

recipe found via pinterest here. What better way to break the silence on this blog than with a yummy treat! I have been horrible at blogging but spending all that time with my little ones, so it’s a good trade I do believe! Now this recipe calls for chocolate syrup drizzled on top, but my […]

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get going.

yesterday we did nothing. nothing at all. the boys were both sick and so we spent a lot of time being couch potatoes. towards the evening they were showing signs of cabin fever. not fun. so this morning they watched their cartoon, i scratched liam’s back with my hair brush and we got ready to […]

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what’s for dinner.

yes, i sit indian style at the dinner table, not proper, but very comfy. — it has been pretty  nice out lately and i’m loving it.  i feel as though i am solar powered, the sunnier it is, the more energy and motivation i have to get things done. i’m itchin to get started on […]

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little helpers.

as you can see, liam still has some scars from his hand, foot and mouth disease. poor guy. — little ones can be perfect little helpers, or distractions. every time i go to put the dishes away liam has to come help. and oliver is now picking up his spills with whatever he can find; […]

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