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Happy Birthday little one.

my little one is three today! and while it is a very happy occasion, it reminds me how time is flying by. and before i know it he will be starting kindergarten! oh how i wish he could stay my little one forever. where does the time go?
right now oliver loves: running, blowing bubbles, singing and reciting along to shows (wonderpets, lion king, kungfu panda 2, super why), wrestling with daddy, spinning in his chair swing, jumping off the couch, climbing up everything, cuddling with mom during movies, hide’n’go’seek (hiding under blankets), and playing with our dog, ozzy. He likes to play matching games and letters games on the iphone, along with cut the rope and angry birds. outside he likes to play with rocks and throw them, he likes the slides at parks, and runs all around the soccer fields.
oliver enjoys eating: apples, clementines, organic kids cliff bars, cheese sticks, french fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, pb&j’s, and any type of candy or chocolate.
he is starting more and more to mimic our words. and has a few down by himself, “wawa”= water, “eese”= cheese, “foon”= phone, “peez”= please, “cooce”= cookie, “twir”= twirl. one that i am most excited about is mama and daddy, he will mimic us when we say them and has yet to call me mama on his own but i can’t wait for the day he does. he is doing better with eye contact and looking at us when we call his name. oliver is so smart and jabbering a lot more. which is music to my ears.
he gets super excited once dad gets home from work and likes to wait for him by the window to see him pull in. he gives us hugs and kisses when we ask, and sometimes just wants us to hold him and massage his neck. he likes to do the hokey pokey when he gets dressed. he’s starting imaginative play, which is big! oliver will have us lay down and snore to pretend we are asleep and then wake up to chase him.
though autism has made things like talking, socializing, transitioning, really difficult for oliver, seeing his hard work and how far we have come since 18 months is amazing. i am so proud and so grateful for this perfect little boy that has blessed our lives so.

happy birthday oliver. we love you so.

*photos taken by my lovely friend brooke.