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I have been so blessed, beyond measure. And I am truly grateful for every blessing.
I have two amazing little angels, that I get to spend each day with. Hiding under blankets, making big messes, having laughing contests with.
I have an amazing husband. He is such a hard worker and brings home the bacon. He also clean up the messes the boys and I make. Such a sweetie.
We have wonderful family, that is always there for us, supporting us and Oliver.
To have our own home to make special memories and traditions in. We are so grateful for that.
Knowing our Heavenly Father loves us and has a plan for us. The Gospel truly helps us with everything.
Grateful for the troops over seas fighting for our country’s freedom, for their sacrifices and their families. God bless the USA.
For all the help we have received with Oliver and all the wonderful therapies out there devoted to help these little munchkins make sense of our world.
For our health and happiness. For our friends and family. For the giving season. I am grateful.
xx, ciara