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The Abs Diet

Brett here. You probably figured Ciara would write a diet post (not that she needs to go on a diet, because she doesn’t), but I decided to try an experiment. My manager at work is a big fitness fanatic. I told him I wanted to try eating super healthy and exercising regularly for 3 months and do a before and after picture to see if there are any visible results. He referred me to the Abs Diet for a good idea about what and what not to eat. I like its philosophy and ease of accomplishing. The plan is even supposed to show results within 6 weeks (we’ll see). In its simplest form, you eat 6 meals a day (3 of which are more like snacks between your bigger meals) and you accompany that with light exercise. The reason it’s supposed to work is because you focus on putting good stuff in your body that cut in to your belly fat and help build muscle. I’m not going to try to explain it, but I’m going to try out the experiment. In 6 weeks I’ll show the before and after pictures and then after another 6 weeks I’ll check in again and see how things went. This is the first time I’ve tried doing something structured like this. I don’t think I’m in horrible shape, but I certainly have NO 6 pack. If all goes according to plan, I just might when this is done. Then you can come visit me when your laundry machine breaks!