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the neglected : humble abode

our family room.
tv room.
toy room.
messy room.

i haven’t put much thought into this room, as you can see. there is usually a layer of toys covering the ground and under that, a layer of crumbs. thanks to oliver. it’s still the original paint color from when we moved in and right now i have no plan to paint. i need to figure out what to do with the big wall by the couch.. it needs… something, pictures, art, anything. and i would have the entertainment center centered but there is a cord that sticks out about 2 inches for the cable and requires the tv stand to then stick out even further and it’s all so annoying.

i have better plans for that branch above the tv i just need to set 15 minutes aside to finish it. and i need to figure out what to put on the shelves… ugh. it’s all unfinished. so this is the before photo and i will show the process of it getting done. also, do you like the slide in the room?! that was oliver’s birthday present 😉 we were planning on putting it up in his room but we’ll eventually get it up there 😉