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Liam’s Nursery

Due to my friend Danielle’s request… here is Liam’s Nursery! I posted some BEFORE photos from when it was Oliver’s nursery way back when (tear). The before photos were right after we had moved in. The green was from the previous owners as were the drapes. And even though green is my favorite color, I of course had an itch to paint it. When I told Brett I wanted to do stripes he was totally up for it, that is until he started the process. Ugh, it was grueling. But SOOOO worth it, and he agrees. I love how open and fresh the white and gray paint makes the room feel.

I also wanted new bedding but didn’t want to pay the big bucks for something that Liam would grow out of so soon. So I pulled out my handy dandy sewing machine and got working! I made the drapes, crib skirt, fitted sheet and pillows, as well as a cute little stuffed bunny. I opted to not make a crib bumper. I wasn’t aware of the chance of suffocation with a bumper when we had Oliver, hence he had one. And even though Oliver is alive and well I just couldn’t do it. I’m a worry wart and I would be getting up every 15 minutes to check on Liam. I think bumpers are adorable and I don’t think other parents are bad for having one. The risk just wasn’t worth it to me. So long story short, we don’t have a bumper for Liam. 🙂

The Rocking chair is the same one I just took off the yellow slipcover. I plan on making a slipcover myself, but we’ll see if that really happens. I might just take it to my friends dad who really knows how to do it. I had to buy a new dresser since we moved the white dresser and bookshelf in Oliver’s room. I realized I like having a shorter dresser now from having Liam’s taller one but oh well. And remember how I said I wanted a map in the nursery! Well I got one! Brett and I both want to find a better one but this one will due for now.

My favorite thing about the nursery is the lamp. I love the shape and the fact that it dims! I also love the fabric, especially the fitted sheet.

Orange, teal, white, and gray.


1. Crib and Dresser JCPenney
2. All fabric Quilter’s Haven in Bountiful UT.
3. Green high chair and bookshelf, thrift store.
4. Sheepskin Rug IKEA
5. Wall Shelves and Curtain Rod/Clips Target.
6. Map, Office Max
7. Rocker, Downeast Outlet
8. Orange Throw IKEA
9. Lamp IKEA
10. Piggy Bank, Tai Pan
11. Sleep Sheep– white noise maker, Grandma Kelly
12. Canoe Basket the stuffed animals are in ROSS

Look at that tiny boy! What a smile!
wait for it…..
Loved this fabric!
Oliver left his mark. This was done with his TEETH!
I love lamp. 😉
Love the pop of orange.
This was not planned. Amazing how matchy matchy this book is to the room. Also, notice the fitted sheet, my favorite fabric of all.
I love putting our extra change in the kids piggy banks.
Our ever growing book collection, mainly because of Gaga! Thank you!
What would we do without our Sleep Sheep.
I am such a fan of clips with drapes, and new hardware.