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Date Night! Woohoo! My best friend Danielle came to visit so Brett and I could go to the temple. 🙂
Saturday mornings… relaxing on the couch and playing with the kiddos.
Brett thought this photo of Oliver was pretty darn AWESOME!
Liam is such a chatter box these days. He coos all the time especially when we are out and about.
Oliver in his super cool fort! We have fun.

Oliver in Ozzy’s room. He loves to climb in things and Oz didn’t mind too much.

A lot of the times Oliver will take his nap in his tent that is in his room.
If you leave any sort of blanket, in this case my jacket, on the floor, Ozzy will make it his bed.
One of his favorite places to play.
Liam loves his bouncer from Gaga. Sometimes he even falls asleep in it. So cute.