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Oliver turns TWO.

January 11th we celebrated Oliver’s SECOND birthday! I made Pizza Pasta for the din din and tried to find a Toy Story cake but had to settle for Kung Fu Panda. Oliver absolutely LOVED when we were all singing Happy Birthday to him. We got the cutest video of him with this grin from ear to ear. I loved it. For his birthday he got a slide, some mullah for when he sees other toys he wants, and Dispicable Me.

 I took some photos of him while Liam was sleeping. I just wanted to capture what Oliver is all about at this age in his life.
 – He loves pop tarts and toaster strudels.
 – He loves pixar movies.
 – In the morning I’ll get him out of his room and he runs to me with his doggy pillow and blanket.
 – He loves playing with daddy.
 – He is getting more interested in his baby brother.
 – Loves to run, climb, spin, jump, and slide.
 – He loves his dog Ozzy.
 – Oliver will suck off his toothpaste from his toothbrush he loves it that much.
 – Favorite past time is making a mess of what mommy just cleaned.
 – He is my cuddle buddy and I love it.

He always has loved books

He loves his Pixar characters.

And getting inside of things..

Like his hoberman sphere

My beautiful happy boy.

Liam helping mommy make dinner, I need all the help I can get. 🙂


Just another day in the life of Oliver.

He wanted to shut me out. 🙂

Mmmmm yummy cake!