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Yearly Archives: 2010

Four Wheeling, CA : 08.16.10

With Liam arriving less than a month away I have been crazy busy cleaning, organizing, editing, sewing, attending appointments, eating cereal and playing with Oliver. And I try to spend a good  portion of my time with Oliver so usually I get a few hours in the evening/night to get my photo editing and sewing […]

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Happy 3 years to US!

We’ve got three years under our belt, almost two kids down, and we are still enjoying each day together. Yesterday we celebrated. We dropped Oliver off at Grandma’s, headed to the movie theatre to see Inception and out to eat at Boston’s. We also went to Toy’s R Us because I wanted to get something […]

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Pismo Beach, CA : 08.15.10 continued.

After walking around by the pier and getting ice cream with the family, we headed back to our hotel to get ready to hit up the beach!  It wasn’t a very far walk but there were some major stairs to help you get your daily workout in.  My family searched the beach for sand dollars, […]

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Our BIG Family Vacations!

With the summer coming to an end, so are the vacations. Sad face. But Autumn truly is my favorite season, so Happy face! The very end of July we went up camping with my family, which was really fun, but kind of more so difficult with Oliver. He wanted to put dirt and rocks in […]

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