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Yearly Archives: 2010

More Snow PLEASE.

Starting Thanksgiving day it should just snow like crazy. I love the feeling of living in a giant snow globe. Everyday being a winter wonderland would be amazing. I love looking in it, playing in it, eating it, and driving in it. When it snows I like to go for drives with the kids and […]

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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

I was so looking forward to Thanksgiving time, not only because of the yummy food and family time, but also because that was when we were getting our Christmas tree and putting it up. Yay! We decided to get a real one and though it is a lot more work than a fake one, I […]

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My girls and shopping.

My mom, sisters and I are shopping fools! Pretty much the last three Saturday’s of November we went out shopping. We hit up the Outlets up in Park City, then we went to Gardner Village for their Moonlight Madness (it was A-MAZ-ING), and then we went to a HUGE Christmas expo. We didn’t wake up […]

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Flashback Friday.

So my friend Jenny started this Flashback Friday post, where she posts fun old photos and I SO loved the idea, of course. Now I’m going to be doing it too. I love seeing old photos. Morgan and I in our adorable outfits. I’m the short one, my how times have changed 😉 Brett with […]

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Liam Oaks.

Liam is now two months old. Two months, wow, that has flown by. I swear it has only been a few weeks! He already looks so much older and has such a fun personality. I truly feel so blessed to have these two little angels in my life. Being a mommy is the most amazing […]

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