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Christmas Goodies.

We wanted to make some goodies to give out to our neighbors but since I’m not the best baker I opted for something more simple. Oreos dipped in chocolate. MMMMmmm. I actually got the idea from one night at my mom’s house, they had bought DELICIOUS cookies from Zupas, and some of then were chocolate covered oreos with candy cane sprinkled on top. They were mmmmm, so good. But also a little pricey and since there were several on our list, of course I decided to make them myself. Then I saw the pretzels my mom gave me and decided to dip those in as well. I was a chocolate dipping fool.

I am all about the magic in the presentation so I wanted our Christmas goodies to be presented in a fun way. I grabbed a Mason jar, some ribbon and trimmed our Christmas tree a bit. And here you have it. We will be delivering the last batch tomorrow morning.

Ready to deliver along with our Christmas cards.