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The Dickens Festival.

This year they brought back the Dickens Festival and we were so excited! I remember going when we were little and it was so fun. All the workers dress up all olden day like and they have tons of booths and they have the REAL Santa! My mom has this photo of Morgan and I when we were just little things with Santa Claus and I love it, they don’t have the cheesy background or Santa on his cell phone like I have seen at the Gateway. So I was super excited when I heard on the television that it was back this year. Now we could get a cute photo with Santa Claus and have another family tradition! Our family made a night of it and it was wonderful! It was a perfect night to try out our new Moby Wrap.. one less stroller for us to push around!

This was before we went out that night. I left my apple on the table to take care of Liam and next thing I know Oliver had climbed up on the chair and grabbed my apple and starting eating it. I had to document this because he never eats apples especially just by biting into it.


Yep we ate Turkey legs and they were GOOD!

Liam asleep in his Moby wrap.

The photo my mom has of Morg and I is in Sepia and it looks awesome! I thought I would take a whirl at it and try it to ours.