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More Snow PLEASE.

Starting Thanksgiving day it should just snow like crazy. I love the feeling of living in a giant snow globe. Everyday being a winter wonderland would be amazing. I love looking in it, playing in it, eating it, and driving in it. When it snows I like to go for drives with the kids and turn on the Christmas music, it’s a simple pleasure in life.  And I believe Oliver loves the snow just as much. This was Oliver’s first adventure out into the snow. He probably would’ve stayed outside all day if he could. He wasn’t a fan of all the layers he had to put on to prepare to go outside, but once he got outside he was so happy.

He just stared outside…

but once he got all his gear on, he just wanted to sit.

and sit

and sit LOL. He found it difficult to move in his attire.
I think this photo of him is adorable.

Brett helped shovel some ppl’s driveways. So sweet.