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Our Thanksgiving.

It was nothing short of amazing.
My mom spent nearly two whole days preparing food for us. And it all was delicious. 
The turkey, the sweet potatoes, the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, the rolls, EVERYTHING was so good.
My mom seriously should have her own restaurant.
Her signature piece would be her no-bake cookies, mmmm they are GOOD.
I sort of took a break from taking photos of everything and everyone.
If I remember right, Liam had a rough time sleeping well the night before, so I was tired.
I took a few to remember this wonderful holiday.
I realized that this blog is like my family picture book.
I go through my blog usually once every two weeks. Sometimes I start at the very beginning.
It puts a smile on my face all the wonderful memories I have with my lovely family.
I am blessed.
 I HEART pumpkin choco. chip cookies, with an extra big heart.

 My mom decorates is such a good decorator. It makes it feel even more festive. 🙂
 Turkey time. Looking at it makes my mouth water.