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Cake. Ice Cream. Repeat.

November 9th was my big sis’ birthday!
She turned the big 2-4! ;D
And on each of our birthday’s my mom let’s us choose a place to go out to eat with the family or she will make whatever dinner you request.
Morgan wanted hamburger’s and homemade fries.
I swear that girl could live on that meal!
On a more sentimental note…. Morgan is the best big sister out there.
She was always there standing up for me, taking care of me, and to tell me when I was being dumb.
 I lub her.

Lauren picked out some way cool candles to top off the cake!
Mom loves you 🙂

Cairi is a birthday snatcher, she kept saying it was her birthday, super funny.

Cai and Morg making THEIR birthday wish.
THEN…November 17th was Gabe’s FIRST birthday!
Poor little guy was feeling a bit under the weather, but once we got the cake out he was sure happy!
Morgan did a SpiderMan theme, Chris is a big Marvel Comics fan, so Gabe will be too.

Gabriel is the sweetest little thing. He has the biggest smile that is contagious.
He is a happy-go-lucky kind of kid that you know just has a big heart and will befriend anyone.

It’s always fun to get together with family and have me some Cake and Ice Cream!
Next birthday in line…. MINE!