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Thankful for…

  • My loving, patient, devoted husband, who makes our marriage better each day.
  • Our two beautiful boys, that bring us more joy than we know what to do with.
  • Our family and friends, that have always been there for us.
  • My amazing mom who is the perfect role model on how to be a wonderful mommy.
  • The gospel, that has shown us the light during the darkest of times.
  • Brett’s job, which has enabled us to support our growing family.
  • The opportunity to have a home.
  • The food in our cupboards, that keeps our tummies from rumbling.
  • Clean water to drink and bathe in.
  • Our dog Ozzie, and how playful he is with his best friend, Oliver.
  • Our clothes that keep us warm.
  • The love in our home.
  • Oliver’s smile and when he dances.
  • Liam’s cooing and occasional grins.
  • This season and what it is really all about.
  • Music… loooove music. Especially the songs Brett writes.
  • Our vehicles that work so we don’t have to walk in the cold.
  • All of you that have let me capture those special times in your lives.
  • Our washer and dryer that makes being a mom of two little boys much easier, and cleaner.
  • Those times Oliver wants to just sit in my lap and cuddle.
  • Being a mommy, so grateful for this blessing.
  • and many, many more blessings….. I just don’t have enough time to write them all….