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We HEART fun.

Autumn is my favorite season out of the whole year. I love the chilly weather, sweaters,  colorful leaves, everything. During the summer it is too hot to go outside and do anything, especially run around the park with Ollie. But now we go to the park a lot. And Ollie loves it. His favorite things are usually the slides and playing in the sand. I’m excited for when Liam grows up and they can play together and use their imaginations, pretending they can’t touch the sand or the alligators will get you like I did with my sister.

We arrived to the park and thought we would just stroll for a bit.

but Ollie had another plan..

He ran straight to the toys

family photo

our snoozer

I bet he was pretending to make cookies.

He Looooooooooooved this soooooooooooooo much.