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Oliver is such a big boy these days. He doesn’t let us feed him his yogurt, he likes to use his big boy spoon.

the ice cream cake we got to celebrate the first day of Autumn.

 The week before Liam arrived I did a HUGE grocery shopping trip, knowing I wouldn’t be going again for a while. And somehow while unloading the groceries at home, we came across this magazine. Brett thinks some kids put it in my cart as a joke or something. Oliver saw Brett looking at it and so he wanted to see what was so interesting.

Avid reader of Rolling Stone

First smile captured.

 Brett’s mom came up for a visit from Texas for a week. I didn’t get many photos because while she was here helping out we were catching up on some much needed sleep. 🙂

Grandma Richardson and Liam

Grandma Richardson and Oliver

One night while Margaret was here Brett took me out on a date and we saw RED. Way good.


Checking in on the kids.

The week before Halloween our ward did their Trunk-or-Treat. Personally, I have resented Trunk-or-Treats’ because I blame it for killing Trick or Treat, but as long as you still go Trick-or-Treating then it’s all good.

Oliver fell asleep right before the trunk-or-treat started, WITH a sucker in his mouth.

Meet Buzz Lightyear, space ranger.

Cai was a cute butterfly, while Morg held true to her traditional witch costume.

Gabe was the Alien. Perfect match.

I really didn’t dress up I just threw on the hat and cape for the photo,

My mom goes all out with decor for these fun holidays. And Lars is Frederika Krueger.

too… much… sugar

Brett downing a pixie stick and then savoring it. LOL