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Black Island Farm fun!

Just like last year, we went to Black Island Farm to go on their hayride and pick our pumpkins. This time we went on the weekend and it was so crowded. Next year we will definitely be going on a week day. But once we got through the long line we had a blast. Liam and i stayed in the trailer while Oliver and Brett picked our pumpkins. After the pumpkin patch we headed in to the courtyard area to let Oliver play on the slides for a bit. He absolutely LOVED the slides and he kept wanting Brett to take him on them over and over.

the line..

My boys 🙂

So bored waiting in line, Oliver resorts to the rocks.

Look at this big boy walking around like he owns the place 😉

more rocks!

these photos were taken by Brett while Liam and I waited in the line.

LOOOOVE this shot he got

The way cool slide Oliver was so upset to leave

Look at the pure joy on that boy’s face!

Me and my kidlets

To make Oliver happy after tearing him away from the slide, we gave him a sucker, and he was kind enough to share.