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Liam’s Arrival

We are home and tired and happy.

Looking back on Monday morning, it seems surreal. It was nothing like what I had expected, total opposite experience from Oliver’s arrival. I am so grateful it happened when Brett was home, because if he hadn’t been I most likely wouldn’t have made it to the hospital!

Around 4 AM, I woke up feeling some cramps but more so pressure, which as kind of normal for me during the night. I thought it would go away like they usually did but they actually got more intense. To be honest I couldn’t tell if they were contractions! With Oliver my water broke and that was how I knew I was in labor, I didn’t feel contractions until we got to the hospital and even then they were minor and I immediately got an epidural (I do not have a tolerance for pain). I wanted to make sure this was it, because we were going to have to drop Oliver off and my mom’s and I didn’t want to wake everyone if it was just a false alarm. When I realized they were just getting worse I woke Brett up and said we need to go, called my mom and asked her to meet us at a point where we could hand off Oliver to her so that we wouldn’t have to drive all the way down to Syracuse and then up to Ogden. After much rushing (on Brett’s end) we had everything in the car. And that was where I turned into a monster.

The pain/pressure was horrible, everything seemed to be going so slow, and I almost ruined my seatbelt pulling on it and twisting it, trying to put it in more pain than I was in. I was yelling at Brett telling him to run every light and go as fast as possible. At one point there was a car in front of us and being in the state I was couldn’t think of the correct term but tole Brett to ‘SKIP’ them, so he passed them up (Brett says he had a hard time holding in a laugh when I said that). I seriously thought this baby was going to be born in our car! Once we dropped Oliver off and made it up to the hospital Brett started looking for a parking spot! Yes a PARKING SPOT! Like as if I was going to let him stroll up and down the aisles and then make me get out and walk to the front doors. Heavens no. I made him turn around, park the car at the entrance, and run in and get a wheel chair. We got in the hospital and their was such a sweet janitorial guy directing us where to go to get to Labor and Delivery. They had me do a urine sample for who knows why, heaven knows I had no time for that. I was pretty irritated with everyone around me at this point, as they carried on with their conversations as they were poking me with IV’s and checking to see how dialated I was. Luckily once she realized I was at a 9, they focused and got to work, calling in the guy to give me an epidural asap. I for sure could never do it natural. Again, my pain tolerance is a zero.

They took me into the delivery room where my wonderful Dr. Naisbitt showed up quickly. I got my epidural and once it set in I was heaven and the evil monster that took over me in the car departed. From there on it was smooth sailing. I pushed about 15 times and in between pushing my doctor even cut out a mole that was on the inside of my thigh, which I was going to have done later this month by my dermatologist.  So I got two birds taken care of with one stone. 🙂

With what seemed to be no effort of pushing at all Liam was here and weighed a whole pound more than Oliver did, and an inch longer! Unfortunately being in the huge rush that we were in, we didn’t grab any bags or cameras, so we didn’t get any pictures of our first meeting. 🙁 We actually had to have a security guy park our car for us during this whole thing so it wouldn’t get towed. But once everything settled down and Brett could go find our car and bring up our belongings, he was able to capture some amazing photos.

Here is our miracle #2:

Liam Oaks Richardson.

This is the first photo I took of my Liam.
First bath.

Brett was pretty stoked about this shot he got. 🙂 Pretty impressive.

Happy BIRTHday Liam.

The first thing I wanted to eat after delivery was a Twix 🙂 My mom brought me one! Since I got my epidural so late it took a while for it to wear off. It’s so weird to not be able to feel your legs.

Love love love this shot.

Brett did such a great job being my personal photographer.

Brett’s comfy corner. That chair squeaked so bad.

Liam Oaks

Such a proud daddy.

Liam’s ‘coming home’ outfit.

Mommy’s little pumpkin, so suitable. That’s what I call my babies, my pumpkins.

Excited to go home.