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Four Wheeling, CA : 08.16.10

With Liam arriving less than a month away I have been crazy busy cleaning, organizing, editing, sewing, attending appointments, eating cereal and playing with Oliver. And I try to spend a good  portion of my time with Oliver so usually I get a few hours in the evening/night to get my photo editing and sewing Liams bedding done. Hence, the lack of posts on the blog. But I really need to get caught up on the blog because once Liam arrives I am sure that is what I will be posting about mainly. We are so excited and I can’t wait to see how Oliver reacts to his baby brother. I know they will be the best of friends and I am so excited to have two little boys soon. 🙂

Back to California…..

The day after we arrived we headed to the sand dunes! Of course I didn’t ride at all but Brett sure had a blast! So much so that he rolled his and broke the orange flag, having to pay a $10 fee. I knew he would do something like that. It was mainly the guys that went out and rode but my mom and sis, Lauren, went for a ride and loved it. If I wasn’t in the state I am I totally would’ve loved to go with the girls. But we mainly played in the soft sand. Oliver had a blast getting all the sand in his toes, he also tried to get carried away to the sea, and go explore in other people’s camp areas. But luckily for me, my mom took him for a little walk towards the end and brought him back completely zonked out. It was really cute.

After our fun at the dunes, we went to our hotel and got ready for dinner. We went to McClintock’s and it was probably my favorite place we ate at. Their food was soooo good and they would poor your water from way above your cup which was really cool to see.

Oliver on our way to the dunes.
Cai looking hard core on the four wheeler.

Trying to figure out how to make it work 🙂

Morg and Lauren searching the beach for sand dollars.
Oliver loved having his foot buried and then swinging it out of the pile.

Cairi looooooved the sand!!!
She really liked to destroy the towers Chris and James built. See the face on James, he is so distraught. LOL.

A pooped Cai ready to take a nap.

Now at McClintock’s. Oliver really liked this buffalo.

James just waiting patiently to be seated. 🙂 My brother is such a cutie.

The cute swenson fam.

My beautiful family deciding what to eat. YES, I pretty much never put my camera down.

Notice the giant lollipop Cai is holding, and the colorful markings on her face. 🙂
Gaby Baby!

The grounds outside of the restaurant. So pretty.
Yep, we had a little explosion. Luckily, we were about to head back to the hotel.
They even had these little horsies for the kids to ride on!
My beautiful lil sis.

SO fun!