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Pismo Beach, CA : 08.15.10 continued.

After walking around by the pier and getting ice cream with the family, we headed back to our hotel to get ready to hit up the beach!  It wasn’t a very far walk but there were some major stairs to help you get your daily workout in.  My family searched the beach for sand dollars, the kids played with their beach toys and in the water and I enjoyed capturing it behind the lens. I wish we had a pretty beach around here to play at and get awesome photos. It was so beautiful.

Oliver & Brett playing in the hotel room.
Uncle Chris, Cousin Gabe, Oliver & Brett.
Cairi is such big girl. She wanted to carry her beach toys all by herself.
I don’t know what was worse, going down the stairs or up.
Love him.

Brett is a pretty good model for when I need to get my settings.
A little family portrait, thanks to my mom.
Now… some Amazing light!

Such a cute beach babe!
Oliver absolutely loved the water. He would have gone all the way in if we let him.

I’m pretty sure Bret’s back was soar after this beach trip.

Lauren taking over the kids toys.

The Maguire girls! Plus 2 babies.

Ma & Pa.

To explain my opened jaw expression, I was pointing out the cute dogs that were playing on the beach. There were so many! Oliver really missed his Ozzy on this trip.

This was one of the cutest things ever. I asked Oliver for a kiss and he gave me such a cute smooch!

On our way back to the hotel.

SOOOOOOO excited are we!