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Our BIG Family Vacations!

With the summer coming to an end, so are the vacations. Sad face. But Autumn truly is my favorite season, so Happy face!

The very end of July we went up camping with my family, which was really fun, but kind of more so difficult with Oliver. He wanted to put dirt and rocks in everyone’s tents, and on their chairs and in the coolers. You get the picture. He also wanted to go swimming when we went fishing. And a boy that gets hives from the cold like his mommy, swimming in freezing water, NOT a good idea. He got pretty bummed that we had to keep raining on his parade. But we did have some breakfast and hobo dinners ( which I loooooove). I only got a couple photos of Oliver in the tent since we were more so busy chasing after him.

This is my parents new camp trailer. It’s pretty sweet!
Oliver taking a little breather and catching up on his reading. 🙂

Now our latest adventure! My mom and dad took all of us kids to CALIFORNIA! We stayed at the Pismo Lighthouse Suites along Pismo Beach, which was B-E-A-utiful! It was such a pretty place to stay and you could see the ocean right from the balcony. We went to the beach, rode 4 wheelers and the dunes, shopped, ate out, swam, and had such a merry old time. I will be splitting up the posts of all the events since I did take a lot of pics. Who would’ve thought? We celebrated my parents 25th year Anniversary while we were in Cali. and I just had to take them out on a little photo shoot. My mom had the prettiest dress that totally reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. She looked gorgeous (as usual). A little preview is posted on my photography blog.

On our way back we stayed in Virginia City, NV, which was really fun too. It was like stepping into the movie Tombstone. We did our tradition of getting Olde Time Photos taken. 🙂

I will start things off posting some photos of our walk around town and on the Pier on Pismo Beach.

This photo was taken from our balcony. You can barely see that there is a whale blowing water out of it’s spout in the upper-left corner. Even the employees came running out to see all of the whale activity. I’m guessing it isn’t an everyday occurrence. My mom even got photos of a whale going after people in their kayaks!

My handsome boys just waking up.
And we are off to the pier!

Oliver really enjoyed all the doves and seagulls. He would chase them around and probably would’ve jumped off the pier to catch them. There were a lot hanging out beneath the pier in this photo.

I love this photo. Oliver loved hanging out with his daddy for a whole week. He formed a strong attachment to him while we on this trip. I don’t know what he will do when Brett has to go to work int he morning on Monday.
Such stud-muffins.
All the walking around wore Oliver and me out. I had to find a bench to rest my kankles on.
Love of mine.

And I am excited to say that I have less than 2 months to go till Liam’s arrival!