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Yearly Archives: 2010

Today is my birthday.

And I am so excited. I didn’t really ask for anything this year because for the first time ever I kind of forgot about it with all the Christmas excitement that’s been going on. Honestly, I’m just excited to have a day devoted to me!!! Bratty.. maybe, but true.. yes! Today 23 years ago, I […]

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You’re a mean one… Mr. Grinch

One night we went up to my mom’s and made some AMAZING gingerbread houses! I love decorating gingerbread houses so much. I kind of take over the whole project and give Brett specific directions on what to decorate and how! A little bossy I know, but it turned out perfect. I’m not going to lie […]

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Christmas Goodies.

We wanted to make some goodies to give out to our neighbors but since I’m not the best baker I opted for something more simple. Oreos dipped in chocolate. MMMMmmm. I actually got the idea from one night at my mom’s house, they had bought DELICIOUS cookies from Zupas, and some of then were chocolate […]

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Our Humble Abode: Christmas Style.

Because I love Christmas so much I do not want it to come this weekend. That means I am going to have to take down the tree and decor, and all the cheerful Christmas music is going to be no more. It feels like this Christmas season has come and gone in a blink of […]

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The Dickens Festival.

This year they brought back the Dickens Festival and we were so excited! I remember going when we were little and it was so fun. All the workers dress up all olden day like and they have tons of booths and they have the REAL Santa! My mom has this photo of Morgan and I […]

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