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Pool Party

Canon AE-1 35mm
Portra 800

That one time…
When Alex was a mommy to baby Crew, just days old.
When Steph and Tori were barely pregnant.
When Kollin started growing his beard for the duration of Steph’s pregnancy.
When Oliver couldn’t get enough of the diving board.
When Derrick was Oliver’s cheerleader of the diving board.
When Shae had chopped her hair.
When Liam loved fishing for Crabby.
When Nin wore Beetle juice striped pants.
When Eric ate my Butterfinger bites.
When Brett was a superstar off the diving board.
When I took photos.

Olli & Ozzie

Canon 35 mm
Portra 800

I think this was part of my first roll I took on my Canon AE-1.

Thought Oliver doesn’t connect easily with people, he sure has a connection with animals. He loves Ozzie like he is his blood brother. He loves my mom’s dogs, his cousins dogs, our friends dogs. He just wants to part their heads and look at them in their eyes, which is interesting since he isn’t too fond at looking people in the eyes. He wrestles and plays with Ozzie everyday and they love to run around outside together. Ozzie is sort of opposite, he doesn’t like dogs at all. Though he loves the boys and plays so well with them. They are a great match together.

Family Visits | Steve, Iz, Isaac, & Maile

Canon 5D Mark III

We are sure lucky to get to see these guys once a year. Though Brett is the only one out of his immediate family living here in Utah, we tend to get a few his siblings to visit during the summer. We can always count on seeing these Richardson’s.

The boys room

Canon AE-1 35mm
Portra 800

We decided to move the boys in the same room this year. We liked the idea of having a playroom, where we could put all the toys instead of having them scattered throughout the house. Also, we thought it would be great for the boys, sort of strengthen their brotherly bond. It’s been the best decision. Though the boys still bicker like siblings do, they converse more and play together more.

I like to decorate kids rooms because I’m not as scared of color as I usually am. It’s been fun finding fun little toys and artifacts to decorate with. I want their room to feel like a place of adventure and fun.

San Fran Trip | August 2013

Canon AE-1 35mm
Portra 800

Back in August, Brett and I traveled to San Francisco for a wedding I was photographing. We arrived a day early to explore the city and celebrate our six year anniversary. We of course went to see the Golden Gate Bridge, ate at some highly recommended food establishments such as Bi Rite Ice cream. We also stumbled upon a quaint little motel, where we the owner himself took us on a tour of the grounds covered in his flowers he was so proud of.