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Brotherly Love

Taken 12.13.2015.

Unfortunately, I got stuck in a rut of just taking iPhone photos most of the time due to the convenience. But I am glad for the couple I’ve taken with my real camera, documenting the binding love these big brother’s have for their baby brother. They just can’t get enough of him.

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Birth Story of Elias Field Richardson 11.21.2015

It was Saturday, November 21st, 2015. I had been dilated at a 2 for a couple weeks now and eager to get Elias here before his birthday landed on a day that he would have to share it with Thanksgiving and the 21st was the last day that before it could possibly fall on that holiday, unless I went passed my due date which was the 25th. Oliver had been 7 days early and Liam 10, so I was sure Elias was going to be here by now. Late morning I thought possible my water had broke, similar to when it did with Oliver, while I was using the restroom. So I told Brett and he called the hospital to ask what we should do. They told us to come up to the hospital and get checked. So we went up there and turned out my water was still in tact, but they wanted to monitor me for a couple hours as protocol requires it. I knew this was protocol whenever you come in pregnant and are in false labor since we had rushed to the hospital a month earlier due to very strong contractions I had during church in Sacrament. They were so strong and close together even the bishop noticed me wincing in pain. So, we got comfortable at the hospital and waited to be released.

Once our two hours were up, the nurse came in and asked if we just wanted to be induced. Apparently, I was having small but regular contractions. They called Dr. Seale to tell him my progress and he already being amazed I had not delivered this baby two weeks ago, gave me the green light to be induced. I was torn on what to do. From one point, I wanted Elias to come when he was well and ready just like his brothers had. And from another point, I didn’t want him to ever share have to share his birthday with Thanksgiving. In the end we decided to be induced. A few hours later I was ready to deliver! I pushed and pushed with all my might, but Elias just couldn’t make it from under my pelvic bone. So Dr. Seale had to help guide Elias’ way under the bone by using a little vacuum, which resulted in giving E quite a goose egg on the top of his noggin. One or two pushed with the vacuum and Elias was born. He was welcomed into the world at 6:10 pm by Brett and I of course, Oliver and Liam, Grandma Kelly, Aunt Morgan and Aunt Lauren. He weighed in at 9 pounds, 2.7 ounces and 21.5 inches long. So after it was all said and done I was quite happy we decided to be induced, who knew how much bigger Elias would have gotten if I let him cook any longer! Everyone in the room was shocked at how big Elias was. I remember Dr. Seale just saying “whoa!” and I not seeing Elias yet asked what was wrong! He reassured all was good just that we had a big boy on our hands. I remember feeling so much love and joy that Elias had finally arrived and joined the family. I also was very exhausted. Oliver and Liam were so intrigued by baby Elias. Up until this day, Liam was so excited to meet the baby but became very shy when he entered the room. Oliver on the other hand began to sing lullabies (twinkle,twinkle and a song he made up in his head) in a small, soft voice. Brett did a wonderful job capturing all the special moments of that day and being a great support during the whole delivery.

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Liam in his room.

Here is Liam on his bed. Just a few months after we moved into our new house. The white house.


Contax 645 Pro

Pool Party

Canon AE-1 35mm
Portra 800

That one time…
When Alex was a mommy to baby Crew, just days old.
When Steph and Tori were barely pregnant.
When Kollin started growing his beard for the duration of Steph’s pregnancy.
When Oliver couldn’t get enough of the diving board.
When Derrick was Oliver’s cheerleader of the diving board.
When Shae had chopped her hair.
When Liam loved fishing for Crabby.
When Nin wore Beetle juice striped pants.
When Eric ate my Butterfinger bites.
When Brett was a superstar off the diving board.
When I took photos.